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Project NQND is a "fun project": consisting of juvenile series: from "Little Women" and "Little Men" up through "Nancy Drew" and "Hardy Boys"--roughly 1880's to 1950's. Many series have been completed; see The Not Quite Nancy Drew Archives.

These books are easy enough that round repeats and round skipping for balance will be possible; They may be suitable for newcomers-only or first projects for PPing and PMing. Smooth-reading generally gets a good response. In short, all-around high-grade oil for the DP community-building gears.

Additions are welcome. Please include copyright and availability status, what you plan to do, and what help you'd like.

Rule 6 Alert: Rule 6 is available again--but discuss this with a volunteer who has experience with Gutenberg's rule 6.

See Project Not Quite Nancy Drew: Rule 6 for some series (which may migrate back to this page as clearances come through).

DP-Canada Alert: Some series may be clearable in Canada but not the U.S. In the current legal (if that's the right word) climate, it would be better not to list them here. But if you have Rule-6 public domain books which can also be cleared in Canada, please consider running them at DP-Canada (or prepare them as if you'd be running them at DP-US, then contact a DP-Canada PM to run them there.) And please do list those projects here.

Notice to PPers: For books possibly suitable for F1 repeat/F2 skip, JIT foofing (just-in-time) may be available. If a books is marked "JIT foofing" and in status "Waiting for F2", contact the PM, indicating whether you're willing to repeat F1 or want to have F2.

Help Invited

  • A competent coordinator!
  • Let other volunteers know what you have
  • Adapt a series with no known activity
  • Help identify, preclear, scan, OCR, PM, and PP candidate books.
  • Want a simple book to PP within the next week or two? send mail to hutcheson.
  • Want to test the waters of Project Management? Learn how to do clearances, prepare books, run OCR, while volunteers stand ready to help with (or do) whatever parts of the work you aren't ready for? Have books you'd like to help run? Need a simple book for a first project? Send mail!
  • Ask for help here


  • hutcheson: CPing, PMing, and PPing--US and Canada both (and happy to subcontract out CP, PM, or PP: just ask!)
  • stygiania: is OCRing and prepping as indicated.
  • de2164: is CPing, PMing as indicated.
  • paleseptember: hopes to PM a NQND as a first PM project.
  • arachnologus: is CPing, clearing & proofing, may PP some day.
  • DACSoft: is CPing, PMing, and PPing as indicated.
  • shakespearette: is proofing (P1, P2), may do more when qualified.
  • Kanalia: is proofing (P1), may do more when qualified.
  • mercurious007: is proofing (P1), may do more when qualified.
  • talongrywolf: is proofing (P1), will do more when qualitfied.
  • demiankatz: is PMing projects from the [Digital Library @ Villanova University], will post any relevant series titles here.
  • JulietS: is CPing, PMing as indicated.
  • rickmorris: is doing CP, OCR, and PP
  • sdickbos: is CPing
  • Add your name here!

Suggestions for Junior Detectives

For a book tracked through the rounds at DP:

  • * '''[[dpproject:projectID#|title]]''', date {<projectinfo id="projectID#">%state%</projectinfo>}
    • # is replaced by the Distributed Proofreading ID number (twice).

For posted NQND projects:

  • * '''[[etext:###|title]]''', date
    • # is replaced by the Project Gutenberg catalog number.

For non-NQND-tracked posted projects in the same series:

  • * [[etext:###|title]], date
    • # is replaced by the Project Gutenberg catalog number.


Surveying the Crime Scene (volumes needing OCR)

Rounding up the Suspects (all volumes in progress or committed for CP)

Fighters for Freedom (multi-author)

Motor Boys (Clarence Young)

  • 22. The Motor Boys on Thunder Mountain, 1924 {hunting up a (inexpensive) copy}
    • DACSoft is CP, PM, PP those not posted

Football Eleven (Ralph Henry Barbour)

  • 11. Right Half Hollins - 1925 {in prep}
    • DACSoft is CP, PM, PP those not posted

Aeroplane Boys (Ashton Lamar [H.L. Sayler])

  • 1. In the Clouds for Uncle Sam - 1910 {in prep}
  • 2. The Stolen Airplane - 1910
  • 3. The Aeroplane Express - 1910
  • 4. The Boy Aeronauts' Club - 1910
  • 5. A Cruise in the Sky - 1911
  • 6. Battling the Bighorns - 1911
  • 7. When Scout Meets Scout - 1912
  • 8. On the Edge of the Artic - 1913
    • DACSoft is CP, PM, PP those not posted

Still Gathering Evidence (active but incomplete series)

(Titles in bold font were tracked through PNQND)

  • The Mystery Hunters (Capwell Wyckoff)
    • 1. The Mystery Hunters at the Haunted Lodge, 1934
    • 2. The Mystery Hunters at Lakeside Camp, 1934
    • 3. The Mystery Hunters at Old Frontier, 1934
    • 4. The Mystery Hunters on Special Detail, 1936
      • arachnologus is CP-ing #1 as a Halloween project, others are to be sought.
  • Girl Scouts (Edith Lavell)
    • 1. The Girl Scouts at Miss Allen's School, 1922
    • 2. The Girl Scouts at Camp, 1922
    • 3. The Girl Scouts' Good Turn, 1922
    • 4. The Girl Scouts' Canoe Trip, 1922
    • 5. The Girl Scouts' Rivals, 1922
    • 6. The Girl Scouts on the Ranch, 1923
    • 7. The Girl Scouts' Vacation Adventure, 1924
    • 8. The Girl Scouts' Motor Trip, 1924
    • 9. The Girl Scouts' Captain, 1925
    • 10. The Girl Scouts' Director, 1925
      • hutcheson precleared rule 6 (no renewals) and has #1, more sought.
  • Boy Chums (Wilmer M. Ely)
    • 1. The Boy Chums on Indian River; or, The Boy Partners of the Schooner "Orphan", 1905.
    • 2. The Boy Chums on Haunted Island; or, Hunting for Pearls in the Bahama Islands, 1909.
    • 3. The Boy Chums in the Forest; or, Hunting for Plume Birds in the Florida Everglades, 1910.
    • 4. The Boy Chums' Perilous Cruise; or, Searching for Wreckage on the Florida Coast, 1911.
    • 5. The Boy Chums in the Gulf of Mexico; or, On a Dangerous Cruise with the Greek Spongers, 1913.
    • 6. The Boy Chums Cruising in Florida Waters; or, The Perils and Dangers of the Fishing Fleet, 1914.
    • 7. The Boy Chums in the Florida Jungle; or, Charlie West and Walter Hazard with the Seminole Indians, 1915.
    • 8. The Boy Chums in Mystery Land; or, Walter Hazard Among the Mexicans, 1916.
      • requested by BooksR4me; close@hand promises #7.



    • 4. Linda Carlton's Perilous Summer, 1932
    • 5. Linda Carlton's Hollywood Flight, 1933 (In OCR)
      • Help Wanted: PPer wanted! contact Close@Hand or hutcheson
      • Help Wanted: Need scans for the rare books 4

Various (Martha Finley)

Boy Scouts (Lieut. Howard Payson)

Sterling Boy Scouts (Scout Master Robert Shaler)



  • 11. The Boy Scouts in the Great Flood, 1915
  • 12. The Boy Scouts of the Field Hospital, 1915
  • 13. The Boy Scouts with the Red Cross, 1915 (scanned and awaiting OCR)
  • 14. The Boy Scouts as County Fair Guides, 1915
  • 15. The Boy Scouts as Forest Fire Fighters, 1915
  • 16. The Boy Scouts with the Motion Picture Players, 1916
  • 17. The Boy Scouts on the Roll of Honor, 1916
  • 18. The Boy Scouts for Home Protection, 1916
  • 19. The Boy Scouts at Mobilization Camp, 1918
    • This appears to have the most titles of any Boy Scouts series. Numbering sequence varies slightly. Not badly written. Arachnologus now has all but number 2 on hand and ready to scan.

Girl Scouts {Lillian Elizabeth Roy}

Mystery Stories for Boys (Roy J. Snell, 1878-1959)

Mystery Stories for Girls (Roy J. Snell, 1878-1959)

Radio-Phone Boys (Roy J. Snell, 1878-1959)

  • 1. Curlie Carson Listens In, 1922
  • 2. On the Yukon Trail, 1922
  • 3. The Desert Patrol, 1923 (Now a PG-Canada Project)
  • 4. The Seagoing Tank, 1924 (renewed) (DP Canada project being prepared)
  • 5. The Flying Sub, 1925 (renewed)
  • 6. Dark Treasure, 1926 (renewed)
  • 7. Whispering Isles, 1927 (renewed)
  • 8. The Invisible Wall, 1928 (renewed)
    • Arachnologus has access to 3 through 8, all clearable in Canada.

Dick Kent (Milton Richards, pseudonym for Milo Milton Oblinger, 1890-1963)

  • 1. Dick Kent with the Mounted Police, 1927
  • 2. Dick Kent in the Far North, 1927
  • 3. Dick Kent with the Eskimos, 1927
  • 4. Dick Kent, Fur Trader, 1927
  • 5. Dick Kent and the Malemute Mail, 1927
  • 6. Dick Kent on Special Duty, 1928
  • 7. Dick Kent at Half Way House, 1929
  • 8. Dick Kent, Mounted Police Deputy, 1933
  • 9. Dick Kent's Mysterious Mission, 1933
  • 10. Dick Kent and the Mine Mystery, 1934
    • arachnologus has 1-7, seeking more of these "northerns" replete with dog-sleds and blizzards. #1-4 now cleared and ready, 5-7 will follow soon.

Brenda (Helen Leah Reed)

Rover Boys (Edward Stratemeyer (d. 1930))

  • 15. The Rover Boys down East, 1911
  • 20. The Rover Boys on a Tour, 1916
  • 27. The Rover Boys At Big Bear Lake, or, The Camps of the Rival Cadets, 1923 (renewed)
  • 28. The Rover Boys Shipwrecked, or, A Thrilling Hunt for Pirates Gold, 1924 (NOT RENEWED--rule 6 clearable)
  • 29. The Rover Boys On Sunset Trail, or, The Old Miner's Mysterious Message, 1925 (renewed)
  • 30. The Rover Boys Winning a Fortune, or, Strenuous Days Ashore and Afloat, 1926 (renewed)
    • complete list of titles at Wikipedia; 25 volumes already at PG. Note that the renewed volumes are clearable in life+70 countries.

Campfire Girls (or Radio Girls) {Margaret Penrose}

Betty Gordon {Alice B. Emerson}

Boy Aviators {Wilbur Lawton (John Henry Goldfrap)}

Blue Grass Seminary Girls {Carolyn Judson Burnett}

Brighton Boys {James R. Driscoll}

Bungalow Boys {Dexter J. Forrester}

Khaki Boys {Capt. Gordon Bates}

  • 1. The Khaki Boys at Camp Sterling (JulietS) 1918
  • 2. The Khaki Boys on the Way 1918
  • 3. The Khaki Boys at the Front 1918
  • 4? The Khaki Boys Over the Top 1919
  • 5? The Khaki Boys Fighting to Win 1919
  • 6? The Khaki Boys Along the Rhine 1920

Marjorie {Carolyn Wells}

Motor Rangers {Marvin West}

  • 6. The Motor Rangers Touring for the Trophy (1914)

Oakdale Academy {Morgan Scott}

Stories of Modern School Sports

Ocean Wireless Boys {Capt. Wilbur Lawton (John Henry Goldfrap)}

Dreadnought Boys {Capt. Wilbur Lawton}

Tales of the New Navy

Saddle Boys {Capt. James Carson}

SpeedWell Boys {Roy Rockwood}

Dave Dashaway {Roy Rockwood}

Airship Boys {H L Sayler}

  • 1. The Airship Boys, 1910
  • 2. The Airship Boys Adrift 1910
  • 3. The Airship Boys Due North 1910
  • 4. The Airship Boys In Barren Lands 1910
  • 5. The Airship Boys In Finance 1911
  • 6. The Airship Boys' Ocean Flyer, 1911, In Post-Processing

  • 7. The Airship Boys As Detectives 1913
  • 8. The Airship Boys In The Great War 1915

The Flying Machine Boys {Frank Walton}

  • 3. The Flying-Machine Boys in the Wilds, 1913
  • 4. The Flying-Machine Boys on Secret Service, 1913
  • 5. The Flying-Machine Boys in Deadly Peril, 1914
  • 6. The Flying-Machine Boys in the Frozen North, 1915

Ken Holt {Bruce Campbell}

(all other titles renewed)

Open Questions (future projects)

(Titles in bold font are current (or, where noted, posted) PNQND projects)

Dorothy Dale (Margaret Penrose) {independent projects, so far}

Ranch Girls (Margaret Vandercook)

Eponymous Boy Scout Series (Percy Keese Fitzhugh)

  • Pee-Wee Harris
  • Roy Blakely
  • Westy Martin
  • Tom Slade

Unplumbed Mysteries (potential projects)

(Titles in bold font were tracked through PNQND)

Ann Sterling Series (Harriet Pyne Grove)

  • 4. ANN CROSSES A SECRET TRAIL (copy available)
    • hutcheson: all precleared. The critics pan them viciously. No known current activity.

Border Boys {Fremont B. Deering}

Mexican and Canadian Frontier Series

  • 1. The Border Boys on the Trail, 1911
  • 2. The Border Boys Across the Frontier, 1911
  • 3. The Border Boys with the Mexican Rangers, 1911
  • 4. The Border Boys with the Texas Rangers, 1912
  • 5. The Border Boys in the Canadian Rockies, 1913
  • 6. The Border Boys Along the St. Lawrence, 1914

Boy Allies With the Army (Clair W. Hayes)

  • 1. The Boy Allies at Liege; or, Through Lines of Steel (posted)
  • 2. The Boy Allies on the Firing Line; or, Twelve Days' Battle Along the Marne (posted)
  • 3. The Boy Allies with the Cossacks; or, A Wild Dash Over the Carpathians (posted)
  • 4. The Boy Allies in the Trenches; or, Midst Shot and Shell Along the Alsne (posted)
  • 5. The Boy Allies in Great Peril; or, With the Italian Army in the Alps (posted)
  • 6. The Boy Allies in the Balkan Campaign; or, The Struggle to Save a Nation (posted)
  • 7. The Boy Allies on the Somme; or, Courage and Bravery Rewarded
  • 8. The Boy Allies at Verdun; or, Saving France from the Enemy (posted)
  • 9. The Boy Allies Under the Stars and Stripes; or Leading the American Troops to the Firing Line
  • 10. The Boy Allies with Haig in Flanders; or, The Fighting Canadians of Vimy Village
  • 11. The Boy Allies with Pershing in France; or, Over the Top at Chateau Thierry (rfrank, in progress)
  • 12. The Boy Allies with Marshal Foch; or, The Closing Days of the Great World War

Boy Allies with the Navy (Ensign Robert L. Drake)

  • 1. The Boy Allies on the North Sea Patrol; or, Striking the First Blow at the German Fleet (rfrank, in progress)
  • 2. The Boy Allies Under Two Flags; or, Sweeping the Enemy From the Sea (posted)
  • 3. The Boy Allies with the Flying Squadron; or, The Naval Raiders of the Great War
  • 4. The Boy Allies with the Terror of the Sea; or, The Last Shot of Submarine D-16 (rfrank, in progress)
  • 5. The Boy Allies Under the Sea; or, The Vanishing Submarines (posted)
  • 6. The Boy Allies in the Baltic; or, Through Fields of Ice to Aid the Czar (rfrank, in progress)
  • 7. The Boy Allies at Jutland; or, The Greatest Naval Battle of History (posted)
  • 8. The Boy Allies with Uncle Sam's Cruisers; or, Convoying the American Army Across the Atlantic (posted)
  • 9. The Boy Allies with the Submarine D-32; or, The Fall of the Russian Empire
  • 10. The Boy Allies with the Victorious Fleets; or, The Fall of the German Navy (posted)

Boy Troopers (Clair W. Hayes)

  • 1. The Boy Troopers on the Trail
  • 2. The Boy Troopers in the Northwest
  • 3. The Boy Troopers on Strike Duty
  • 4. The Boy Troopers Among the Wild Mountaineers

Camp Fire Girls (polyphyletic)

  • There are 4 or 5 series under this name already represented in PG. Someone might enjoy making sure that they are all closed.

Frank Armstrong {Mathew M. Colton}

Twentieth Century Athletic Stories

  • 1. Frank Armstrong's Vacation
  • 2. Frank Armstrong at Queens
  • 3. Frank Armstrong's Second Term
  • 4. Frank Armstrong, Drop Kicker

Golden Boys (L. P. Wyman, Ph.D.)

  • 1. The Golden Boys and Their New Electric Cell
  • 2. The Golden Boys at the Fortress
  • 3. The Golden Boys in the Maine Woods
  • 4. The Golden Boys with the Lumber Jacks
  • 5. The Golden Boys Rescued by Radio
  • 6. The Golden Boys Along the River Allagash
  • 8. The Golden Boys at the Haunted Camp
  • 9. The Golden Boys on the River Drive
  • 10. The Golden Boys on the Trail

Khaki Girls {Edna Brooks}

  • 1. The Khaki Girls of the Motor Corps 1918
  • 2. The Khaki Girls Behind the Lines 1918
  • 3. The Khaki Girls at Windsor Barracks 1919
  • 4. The Khaki Girls in Victory 1920

Motor Cycle Chums {Lieut. Howard Payson}

  • 1. The Motor Cycle Chums Around the World
  • 2. The Motor Cycle Chums of the Northwest Patrol
  • 3. The Motor Cycle Chums in the Gold Fields

Radio Boys (Gerald Breckenridge)

Rex Kingdon (Gordon Braddock)

  • 1. Rex Kingdon of Ridgewood High
  • 2. Rex Kingdon in the North Woods, 1914
  • 3. Rex Kingdon at Walcott Hall
  • 4. Rex Kingdon Behind The Bat
  • 5. Rex Kingdon on Storm Island

Open Cases (partial series uploaded)

(Titles in bold font were tracked through PNQND)

Campfire Girls (Vandercook)



  • 12. The Camp Fire Girls in Merrie England 1920
  • 13. The Camp Fire Girls at Half Moon Lake 1921
  • 14. The Camp Fire Girls by the Blue Lagoon 1921

Final Report Pending (all books posted or in postprocessing)

(Titles in bold font were tracked through PNQND)

Peck's Bad Boy {George W. Peck}


Sky Detective Series (Ambrose Newcomb)

Interim Report Complete (series complete, except for Rule 6-clearable books)

Baseball Joe (Lester Chadwick)

Radio Boys ("Allen Chapman")

Banner Boy Scouts (George A. Warren)

Corner House Girls

Marjorie Dean (Pauline Lister, pseudonym for Josephine Chase, d. 1931)

Ruth Fielding Series (pre-1923) (Alice B. Emerson)