Where to get books

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eBay. A good place to find books. Be sure to check the list of DPers and their eBay usernames to avoid bidding against another DPer.

Gramma's attic. Betcha gramma has some cool old books!

Trash. You would be surprised what people toss!

Library. Of course! You'll have the best luck at long-established libraries in older communities. If your library doesn't have the book you're interested in, check to see if ILL (inter-library loan) service is available.

Library book sales. Many libraries hold annual, semi-annual, or monthly book sales. They typically sell donated books and books culled from the library collection. Prices are usually very good. They're often advertised at Book Sale Finder.

Half.com Since half.com is owned by eBay, check the list DPers and their eBay usernames. If you are buying a document from a DPer, you might want to ask them if it is in the public domain first.

Book Sale Finder. Lists used book sales and fairs all over the US, with approximate number of books available (not all PD, of course).