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Draft Plan re: Expiry

  1. Set up pg-automation account on TEST and PROD and modify permissions so that the account can access clearance info - Sharon with assistance from Casey
  2. Roger familiarizes with API documentation - Roger
  3. Work with Roger to try out the access he has via the API on Test and become familiar with the database access obtained that way- Roger/Sharon
  4. Determine how the expiry program on PG will function and what data is needed from DP to do that and how often updates from DP will be made. - Roger
  5. Discuss planned expiry program and any related database PG table updates - Roger + All
  6. Discuss error situations and potential problem situations such as timeouts etc. and how they will be handled - Roger + All
  7. Chart the proposed changes and review (to ensure everyone understands what will happen) - All
  8. Develop working version of expiry program and set up test database on PG side- Roger
  9. Load clearances (or pseudo clearances) into Test server projects - Sharon
  10. Test transfer and various scenarios moving data from the DP Test server using the PG test database and Roger's program - Roger + All
  11. Update the expiry program, retest, etc. etc. till it's ready for production - Roger
  12. Make any db changes needed at PG and Rollout - Roger
  13. Test Prod to see if everything working as planned - Roger + All
  14. Life as usual