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This page is intended to collect details of volunteers who are willing to occasionally test-drive an ePub file on their ebook reading device.

Please enter your name, a way to contact you, and the type of device you own below, if you can help.

Name Device Contact
logista iPad logista
judith_amsterdam iPhone judith_amsterdam
susanskinner Sony eReader Pocket Edition susanskinner
dkretz Kindle for PC, Firefox EPUBReader dkretz
fvandrog Sony pRS505 fvandrog
dardove Kindle DX dardove
Jellby Cybook Gen3 Jellby
TrentTheThief AluraTek Libre TrentTheThief
bgalbrecht B&N Nook bgalbrecht
stygiania Kobo stygiania
name device contact

Test ePubs

Köster Henke: De Boeventaal

A simple dictionary of Dutch criminal slang. Contains several illustrations, but nothing really special or heavy.

De Boeventaal.

Some Questions:

  1. How does the cover image show up on your device, and in the associated software?
  2. Is the title page acceptable?
  3. How does the big bracket appear in the 'B'-section (entry Bak)?
  4. Does the verse appear centered in the entry Lazerus?
  5. What happens when following the internal links (several entries, and in the colophon)
  6. What happens when you try to follow the external links (in the colophon, e.g. to the PG catalog page)
  7. How easy is it to navigate to the next section?
  8. Does the metadata (keywords, etc.) show up in your reader or associated software?

Robert Knox: An Historical Relation of the Island Ceylon

A somewhat bigger work with illustrations. Since I do not have a cover for it, I use the title page as cover image (and it does appear like that in Calibre) Special here are the side-notes, which have been pushed into the text.

An Historical Relation of the Island Ceylon.

  1. Does the text in the side-notes appear correctly, or does it mix up with the main text?