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  <title>Illustration with Caption Example I</title>

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<p>Used as sides on half or three-quarter leather styles, the cloth gives greater durability, as the surface does not rub, nor will the edges wear off where turned over, as happens with the use of marbled papers.</p>

<div class="image-center">
  <img src="images/hudson.jpg" alt=""/>
  <div class="caption">
    <p>The Historic Hudson—Doublé</p>
    <p class="smaller">Green Levant. Pictorial inlay and decoration tooled in gold.</p>

<p>As linings they obviate the use of the extra cloth joint, which is unsightly, but necessary for strength with the use of marbled paper; with their use the folded edge is pasted in the joint, allowing the cover to be lifted without drawing the end papers away from the book.</p>




Illustration with Simple Caption

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