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  <title>Floating Illustration Example</title>

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<h2>Eastman Plate Tank</h2>

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  <img src="images/eastman-plate-tank.jpg" width="126" height="200" alt=""/>

<p>What the film tank has done for films,
the plate tank does for plates. The idea
of the two tanks is based upon the same
time and temperature system of development,
with, of course, such differences in
actual construction of the tanks as are
required by the physical differences between
films and plates. And as plates
must be unloaded in a dark room, the
plate tank cannot offer the advantage of
daylight quite all the way, but it takes only
a few moments in the dark room to load
this tank, after which it may be brought
out into any light for development.</p>

<p>The device consists of a metal solution cup with cover, a cage
for holding 12 or less plates, and a loading fixture for loading the
plates in the cage.</p>




Floating Illustration Example

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