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DP Official Documentation - Content Providing and Project Management

Content Provider (and Missing Page Finder)

  • To provide content using harvested scans, no requirements
  • Otherwise, a scanner

For more information, see the Content Providing FAQ. While not required, a CP mentor is strongly recommended. To request a mentor, please send an email to the General Manager. Please indicate what Operating System you use, and any software you think is relevant.

Providing OCR texts

  • OCR software

See the instructions at the OCR Pool.

Project Manager

Request PM status by e-mailing the General Manager.

If you have a book for which you have obtained a copyright clearance and you are not yet eligible for Project Managing: you can choose to wait until you have been granted access (perhaps start prepping it with guidance from a PM Mentor) or, if you are anxious to see it go through the rounds sooner, you might consider offering it as a Content Provider--in which case another Project Manager will adopt it.

See the Project Managing FAQ for more information.

Because of the amount of regular practice required to maintain Project Management skills, DP may remove that access if a volunteer has not worked in that area for an extended period.

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