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This page needs serious work; it has been transferred from the DP forum and has not been edited much

Purpose of this page

This page uses the DP Wiki to help track potential interest in projects formerly available in the Smoothreading Pool that received no uploads while available.

Instructions for post-processors

Post-processors are invited to post projects here that have been posted for some time in the Smooth Reading pool but have not received any uploads. Please be kind enough to provide a link to your profile to make it easy for Smooth Readers to contact you. When you have uploaded the finished project, come back here and remove the project.

Instructions for Smooth Readers

Interested Smooth Readers are invited to claim projects in the list below that they would like to work on. There is no limit to the number of Smooth Readers who can read a given project.

List of projects

EXAMPLE: Emmy (this is an example only, this should link to your profile) History of the United States Claimed by: Vlooi