Old Texts Proofreading Tutorial, Page 3

Nasal abbreviations

Sometimes an n or m is abbreviated by putting a mark over the preceding letter:

Image Meaning
ground ground
France France
complete complete

These may be proofread as macrons [=u], tildes [~u], or according to the meaning (i.e. u[n] or u[m]), depending on the Project Manager's instructions.


Text like this:
Sample Text
is in a font known as blackletter. If you have trouble reading it, see the wiki article on Proofing blackletter for images of the alphabet in that font.

The hyphen in blackletter usually looks like a slanted equals sign. Treat this just like a normal hyphen, and rejoin words that are hyphenated across lines. You may need to leave hyphens as -* more frequently than in other projects, because spelling and hyphenation in older texts is often unpredictable.

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