Moderate Proofreading Tutorial, Page 4

Common OCR Problems

OCR commonly has trouble distinguishing between the similar characters. Some examples are:

  • The digit '1' (one), the lowercase letter 'l' (ell), and the uppercase letter 'I'. Note that in some fonts the number one may look like I (like a small capital letter 'i').
  • The digit '0' (zero), and the uppercase letter 'O'.
  • Dashes & hyphens: Proofread these carefully—OCR'd text often has only one hyphen for an em-dash that should have two.
  • Parentheses ( ) and curly braces { }.

Watch out for these. Normally the context of the sentence is sufficient to determine which is the correct character, but be careful—often your mind will automatically 'correct' these as you are reading.

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