Proofreading Tutorial


In this tutorial you will be presented extracts from the Proofreading Guidelines. After each part you will be led to a quiz page, where you can try out the newly learned rules. These Moderate Proofreading Quizzes build on the topics already covered in the tutorial for the Basic Proofreading Quiz.

Moderate Proofreading Tutorial, Page 1


Older books often abbreviated words as contractions, and printed them as superscripts. Proofread these by inserting a single caret (^) followed by the superscripted text. If the superscript continues for more than one character, then surround the text with curly braces { and } as well. For example:

Original Image:
Genrl Washington defeated Ld Cornwall's army.
Correctly Proofread Text:
Gen^{rl} Washington defeated L^d Cornwall's army.

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