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TitleNeva's choice: a sequel to "Neva's three lovers"
AuthorLewis, Harriet.
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2022-06-10 10:59 uploaded by KirkwoodCW

Thank you for considering smooth reading "Neva's Choice," subtitled "A Sequel to 'Neva's Three Lovers.'" This 250 page book originally published in 1871 has a cover figure, and if you want to see that or a more nicely formatted version of the text you can download the web browser, ePub, or kindle version. While this is a sequel to another book already posted to Project Gutenberg, it provides sufficient background to be read without having read the earlier book.

The author, Mrs. Harriet Lewis, along with her husband Leon Lewis, was a prolific author of romance dime novels. According to online sources, the two met and married after he read an article by her that impressed him and led to correspondence and then marriage.

Will Neva be able to overcome the machinations of her evil stepmother who is trying to marry Neva to her son-in-law to gain control of Neva's fortune? Will Neva's father return from his supposed death in time to save Neva? Will the son-in-law discover that his real true love did not actually commit suicide? And will Neva find her true love? Smooth Read this book to find out, and to help make this more pleasant for future readers by finding any remaining errors.

If you need more time to finish, just let me know, and I look forward to your comments.


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This project has been made available for Smooth Reading until Friday, July 1, 2022 at 10:59:22 AM server time.

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