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TitleThe Cinder Buggy: A Fable in Iron and Steel
AuthorGarrett, Garet
GenreGeneral Fiction
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2019-10-14 15:44 uploaded by KirkwoodCW

Thank you for considering smooth reading "The Cinder Buggy," subtitled "A Fable in Iron and Steel" and written by Garet Garrett. This 357 page novel published in 1923 is now in the U. S. public domain. There are no illustrations, but if you wish to view the web browser, ePub, or kindle version, you can download these from dropbox using the links below. (If you are asked to sign-in to dropbox, just click the "No thanks, continue to view" link at the bottom of the sign-in dialog to download the file.)

Wikipedia says the author was a columnist and editor for several leading publications, and a confidant of Bernard Baruch and Herbert Hoover. He is now sometimes called a member of the Old Right and seen as a libertarian or classical liberal. A book review on the Mises Institute web site calls this book an "unforgettable masterpiece. With a great story, and tremendous literary passion, it chronicles the transformation of America from the age of iron to the age of steel." Other reviewers say "This is what Ayn Rand could have been with more heart and a more ruthless editor," and "Iron, steel, wall street; it's all there."

If you need more time to finish, just let me know, and I look forward to your comments.


- Web browser (html) version, with illustrations (283 KB):

- ePub version, with illustrations (347 KB):

- kindle (mobi) version, with illustrations (1,138 KB):

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