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TitleHistory of the Peninsular War Vol l
AuthorSouthey, Robert
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Instructions for Smooth Reading

2018-09-28 19:27 uploaded by charliehoward

*** 2018-10-08 01:40 THE ONLINE FILES WERE UPDATED (AGAIN). ***
*** This only affects the appearance of Sidenotes in .epub files;
*** the text is unchanged. Thanks.

Other than the usual risk of typos, the main reason for smooth-reading this is to review the appearance of the 550+ Sidenotes in as many versions and on as many different kinds of devices as possible. You don't have to read any of them (unless you wish to do so), but I'd like to know these things:

1. Do the Transcriber's Notes clearly explain how Sidenotes may look in this book?

2. Do the Sidenotes look one of those ways in what you've read?

3. Is it reasonably easy to distinguish the Sidenotes from regular text?

4. Are any Sidenotes hard to read because they're superimposed on the main text, or on each other, or hard to read for other reasons?

5. Did you notice anything that looks wrong or really weird?

The online versions are listed below; thank you for helping with this project.


Smooth Reading

  • This project has been made available for Smooth Reading until Friday, October 26, 2018.
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