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TitleIdentification of the Larger Fungi [1973]
AuthorWatling, Roy; Kenney, Antony R. (Editor)
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2019-07-18 14:46 uploaded by harrylame
A fairly recent (1973) student's guide to identify the larger UK (or Scottish) fungi. This is not what you might call an easy read: quite a bit of jargon (fortunately explained in the text and in the Appendices) and, of course, Latin names. Many of the species and their characteristics are illustrated with pen drawings, for which the illustrated html version (see link at the top of the text file) is available (sorry, no epub or kindle yet, I still need to sort out some issues for those versions).

Partial smooth reads are welcome, and the smooth reading period will be extended if you need more time to finish the book.

Enjoy, and thank you for your comments!
2019-07-22 03:50 uploaded by harrylame
Updated text file with links to illustrated epub and mobi.

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