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TitleButchers', Packers' and Sausage Makers' Red Book [1913]
AuthorSayer, George Jacob
LanguageEnglish with German
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2019-05-02 14:53 uploaded by harrylame
An short but unusual book in that it consists of a page of English recipes, a page of German recipes, and two pages of advertising; this sequence is then repeated for the whole book. The recipes are based on the products marketed by the book's publishers, and the advertisements are for their products too; still, the butchers, packers and sausage makers were (according to the book cover) expected to pay $5 for the book.

I have deliberately not corrected most of the errors in the German texts, but may still do so for the version that will be uploaded to PG. Feel free to comment on all of the English, German (and Polish) texts, or pick one: partial smooth reads are welcome. More time for smooth reading will be made available on request.

The peculiar character of the book may make it confusing to read the utf-8 version; the (illustrated) html, epub and kindle versions make it clearer where one language stops and the next begins, or where the text is interrupted by advertisements.

Thank you for smooth reading!

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