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Project Page for 'A Modern Mephistopheles and A Whisper in the Dark'

Project StateIn Post-Processing
This project has been made available for smooth reading until Thursday, February 16, 2017. See below.
TitleA Modern Mephistopheles and A Whisper in the Dark
AuthorAlcott, Louisa May
Project IDprojectID58026443afdd7
Image SourceThe Internet Archive
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Instructions for Smooth Reading

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Smooth Reading

  • This project has been made available for Smooth Reading until Thursday, February 16, 2017.
  • Download zipped text for Smooth Reading (159 kb)
  • Please note that while unregistered guests are welcome to download texts for Smooth Reading, only registered volunteers are able to upload annotated texts. A registration link is available at the top of this page.

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