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TitleWarren Commission (14) - Testimony/Affidavits (8) {F2 skipped}
AuthorWarren Commission
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Instructions for Smooth Reading

2018-04-08 20:30 uploaded by charliehoward
This is one of the last of the "Warren Commission" detail publications that we will be doing at DP.

The OCR made many mistakes with commas and periods; the proofers caught many of them, post-processing found many others, but some may remain, so please look for possible errors in this area.

Within the Testimonies, each question and each answer should begin with "Mr.", "Mrs.", or "Dr.", followed by a space, the surname of the person speaking, and a period. The surnames are in small-caps (or ALL-CAPS in the Plain Text), but Adobe Digital Editions does not support small-caps, so those names will be in Proper case in ADE. Any exceptions to this format are errors; please identify them in your feedback.

Within the Testimonies that follow the List of Exhibits, there should be no other occurrences of small-caps, and no italics. (The Introductory pages before the Table of Contents uses both small-caps and italics.) If you find anything like that, please indicate it as an error.

There are no illustrations, no index, and only one footnote, so reading either the Plain Text or one of the online versions listed below will be equally helpful to me. You may find the online versions more convenient to read. Thank you for helping with this project.


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