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Below is the list of Silver e-texts that have almost completed processing on our site. Silver e-texts are books that have passed through all phases of proofreading and formatting and are now in the post-processing phase. Post-processing is the final assembly stage in which one volunteer performs a series of checks for consistency and correctness before the e-book is submitted to Project Gutenberg for your enjoyment and download.

These e-texts are the product of hundreds of hours of labor donated by our volunteers, and are in one of our post-processing states. The list is sorted by date, with the most recent to have changed state sorted to the top. You can re-sort them based on your own preferences. Enjoy!!

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  1. Handbuch des Klavierspiels [siebente Auflage 1922] {Fraktur}, Riemann, Hugo (German)
    136 pages; Thursday, August 1, 2019

  2. Messages and papers of the Presidents, Index {R}, Richardson, James D. (English)
    899 pages; Saturday, June 8, 2019

  3. Te Ika A Maui, or New Zealand and its Inhabitants [1855] {needs fixing, see notes}, Richard Taylor [1805-1873] (English)
    504 pages; Monday, October 31, 2011

  4. *Bruder Leichtfuß und Stein am Bein {Fraktur}, Richard Skowronnek (German)
    312 pages; Tuesday, January 25, 2022

  5. The Principal Navigations...of the English Nation, v15, America pt. 4, etc. {R} {No P2} {needs fixing, see notes}, Richard Hakluyt (English with Latin)
    441 pages; Sunday, July 5, 2020

  6. The Principal Navigations...of the English Nation, v16, Circumnavigations, etc. {R} {P3 skipped} {needs fixing, see notes}, Richard Hakluyt (English with Latin)
    433 pages; Sunday, July 5, 2020

  7. Monarchs of Minstrelsy, from "Daddy" Rice to date, Rice, Edward Le Roy (English)
    434 pages; Friday, March 25, 2022

  8. El folk-lore Filipino (Tomo II), Reyes y Florentino, Isabelo de los (1864-1938) (Spanish)
    302 pages; Sunday, August 4, 2019

  9. The Patriarch of One Hundred Years {P2->P2} {P3 skipped} {needs fixing, see notes}, Rev. J. B. Wakeley (English)
    594 pages; Wednesday, September 18, 2013

  10. Egyptian Book of the Dead, Renouf, P. Le Page (English with Egyptian (Ancient))
    530 pages; Tuesday, May 11, 2021

  11. Die Schwestern im Kreuz {Fraktur} [1912], Remisow, Alexej (German)
    346 pages; Thursday, February 24, 2022

  12. The Lord's Prayer in 500 Languages, Reinhold Rost (English)
    177 pages; Sunday, August 4, 2019

  13. Jahreszahlen der Erdgeschichte {Fraktur} [1922], Reinhold Lotze (German)
    82 pages; Thursday, May 7, 2020

  14. Some architectural problems of to-day, Reilly, C. H. (English)
    214 pages; Friday, April 29, 2022

  15. Battling with Waves and Lawyers {P1->P1} {needs fixing; see notes}, Reid, J. Arbuckle (English)
    277 pages; Tuesday, February 28, 2012

  16. Following Darkness, Reid, Forrest (English)
    332 pages; Tuesday, July 28, 2020

  17. The Spring Song, Reid, Forrest (English)
    322 pages; Saturday, September 19, 2020

  18. Hungarian Literature {P3 Qual}, Reich, Emil (English)
    272 pages; Sunday, June 30, 2019

  19. Modern house-plans for everybody, Reed, S. B. (English)
    255 pages; Sunday, October 10, 2021

  20. Birds of Eastern North America, Reed, Chester A. (English)
    456 pages; Sunday, October 31, 2021