Proofreading Font Comparison

This page demonstrates the differences between DPCustomMono2 and other fonts.

DPCustomMono2 is a font adapted by DP volunteers, based on the suggestions and ideas of many experienced proofreaders. Using DPCustomMono2 as your proofreading font can help you find mistakes. You can change the font that you use for proofreading in your preferences.

This site provides DPCustomMono2 as a web font and browsers that support it do not require the font to be installed locally.

If your browser supports web fonts or you already have DPCustomMono2 installed, you will see this paragraph in that typeface. If this paragraph's font doesn't look radically different to that of the paragraph above, you can download DPCustomMono2 from here (right click the link, and choose Save Target As..) After you have installed the font please refresh this page to make sure DPCustomMono2 is installed correctly.

For more information on installing and using the font, see the Installing DPCustomMono wiki page at

Select a font from the list below to see a sample text in the desired font compared to the sample text in DPCustomMono2.

Arial | Courier | Lucida | Lucida Console | Monaco | Times

Selected Font (Arial) DPCustomMono2